Our teachers are among the best in
Miami, experienced, passionate and
each bringing a different perspective,
feeling and style to their class.
Whether you’re doing Anusara®,
Funyasa™, Gentle-Stretchy,
Yoga Works®, Vinyasa, Chair Yoga,
Pre-Natal or "Baby & Me" Yoga,
all classes will involve hatha yoga
which means that to varying degrees,
teachers will incorporate breath
awareness, philosophy and meditation
in class, or focus on detailed physical
alignment to increase strength and
flexibility. Some teachers have a more
athletic fast-paced approach, while
others are gentle and slow and still
others are more detailed and
alignment oriented. We encourage
you to enjoy the buffet of eclectic
varied teachers and classes
that Dharma Studio offers. Always feel
free to speak with your teacher if you
have questions or special concerns.
You can learn more about each
teacher by clicking on their picture.