Allaine Stricklen

Dharma Studio - Allaine Stricklen Allaine Stricklen has been practicing Yoga for over 40 years, has studied with many incredible teachers all over the world, and is certified by the Yoga Alliance as a Master Yoga Instructor. She believes that yoga is for every body and everybody, and her mission is to help her students recognize and release old patterns that do not serve a higher purpose. She blends the knowledge of her extensive studies of the Iyengar Yoga Method, Pre-Natal and Restorative Yoga into well-rounded classes, offering traditional teachings which address each person’s individual needs. With a joyous and open heart, Allaine’s presence will immediately make you feel welcome and at ease. She has created her own unique style called “Gentle Therapeutics Yoga,” which is a safe and detailed method using various props to restore the body’s balance and vitality. As a mother who naturally birthed her son in the water, Allaine is passionate about teaching Pre-Natal Yoga, and is a specialized Scoliosis teacher as well. Originally from London, England, Allaine leads meditation sessions, workshops and Teacher Training programs all over the world, including Miami. She is looking forward to helping you discover your full potential to live a long, healthy life.

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