Kira Miska

Dharma Studio - Kira Miska Kira Miska, born and raised in Miami, began her yoga practice in 2002. She graduated from University of Miami in 2008 with a double major in Philosophy and Gender Studies. That summer she visited an Ashram in South Wales, and completed her first Yoga Teacher Training, here in Miami. Now Kira has gathered more than 1,000 yoga training hours and continues to teach what she has learned and experienced. Her gentle stretchy practice came with the realization that quality reigns above quantity. In this class, students are invited to bring ease to the body while working on releasing stress, enhancing breath, and clearing mentality. This gentle method gives the practitioner a chance to find inner peace and true reflection of themselves, while building real strength from within. In 2014 Kira also completed a Master's degree in Social Science, and has learned that the more we bridge the worlds, the more we are living the art. It's bigger than right and wrong, it's how we treat ourselves and all of our relations. With a deep gratitude for the art, Kira looks forward to practicing with you.