Kira Miska

Dharma Studio - Kira Miska Kira began practicing Yoga at age 16 in 2002. It gave her reason to breathe and great perspective to grow. In 2008, when she got her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a Major in Gender Studies, Kira also completed her first yoga training, started teaching that same year, and has been serving Miami with the arts ever since. Kira furthered her practice by gathering over 1,000 hours in eastern Yogic studies. She is certified in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yoga Works, Hathavidya and AcroYoga. Her intellect also led her to graduate school where she earned a Masters degree in Social Science. Kira loves to look at the mirror of life and the bridges that connect it all together. At the most simple level (and most profound) it is the breath that interlaces and balances the life system. The breath is all that is required to practice Yoga. Kira’s guidance brings ease to both the physical and mental body, and allows great space for students to awaken their gifted intuition (calming the mind and waking the present.) True to yoga, she shares a practice that goes beyond the ego, opening the door to the heart and the stars that brought us here. In her classes, all levels are welcome. The practice will involve postures, breathing exercises, yogic thought and meditation.