Christian Oliveira

Dharma Studio - Christian Oliveira Born in Miami and raised in Bahia, Brasil, Christian spent much of his childhood barefoot on the beaches of Salvador, in a cultural setting which sparked his love of nature and his passion for sports. He’s a lifelong athlete with a tenacious spirit, who was attracted to success from a young age, and has always been determined to excel. He explored Taekwondo in his youth, then played competitive soccer for 10 years, into high school. As a young adult, even though he played tennis for fun, he wound up winning the intramural championship while in college at FIU.

After many years in the corporate world, Christian began to feel the postural repercussions of working long hours at a desk. He became a Crossfit Level I Trainer, and got additional certifications in Crossfit Gymnastics and Crossfit Mobility, but was in chronic pain from nagging sports injuries. Finally, during rehabilitation after shoulder surgery, he discovered the benefits of proper alignment and the profound healing power of yoga. His outlook changed when he delved into a training in the Fluidus Method under renowned yoga teachers Jason Lawner and Carlos Sanchez, who codified this style to achieve optimal physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Christian found that this practice shook him up, changed his perspective and stirred his soul. Physically, it enabled him to soften his muscle-bound outer layers, to tune in, slow down, temper his strength with flexibility, and move more mindfully. This newfound awareness helped to unveil some of the movement patterns created by the injuries he’d experienced. Firsthand, he learned (the hard way) that he could find more in less, and that balanced action is imperative.

His life of adventure led him to become an avid boater, deckhand, spearfisherman and scuba diver; an intrepid wanderluster, lover of life and travel. He’s a happily married father with a teenage daughter, and his current athletic crush is golf. Christian now lives his life in service, dedicated to promoting wellbeing by sharing this knowledge with others. He believes that through mindful and disciplined movement, everyone is capable of relieving chronic pain and evolving into their most empowered self.