Vanessa Michel

Dharma Studio - Vanessa Michel Vanessa was a teenager when she first encountered Raquel Welch’s now-famous book of yoga. She was so inspired that she began to imitate the poses out of curiosity and for fun, always interested in whatever involved moving the body. Over the years that keen interest has evolved into a way of life, exploring different yogic methods to arrive at her present blend of styles, combining firm guidance and playful spirit. In her classes, she combines the details of Iyengar yoga with the discipline of Ashtanga Vinyasa, adding the spice of Jivamukti with undertones of traditional Vipassana Meditation and Tantric ParaYoga® all mixed with the modern power of Budokon Yoga. She is incredibly versatile in her teaching- her approach is safe, sensual and enjoyable. Not only is she a certified vinyasa yoga teacher, Vanessa is a certified Mamaste™ Prenatal Teacher, Doula, and a Certified Childbirth Educator and Active Birth™ Teacher, trained at the Simkin Center at Bastyr University in Washington state. Her pre-natal & post-natal classes are safe and rewarding. She teaches delicious Vinyasa classes, Slow Gentle Flow classes, and heads the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Program at Dharma Studio. Most recently, she became a certified Budokon instructor, and now adds a touch of mixed martial artistry to her classes. Whether you’re expecting, or you already have a baby, or you’d like an empowering Vinyasa yoga experience, Vanessa will joyfully guide you on your journey, and the effects are sure to extend far beyond the regular asana practice.