Ian Darrah

Dharma Studio - Ian Darrah After extensive experience as a professional triathlete, triathlon coach and personal trainer, Ian discovered that yoga could relieve stress and restore energy in ways that running, cycling and swimming could not. As a teacher, he stresses proper breathing, alignment and core-muscle control, awareness of subtle energetics and the vibrational power of mantra, focus & meditation. His versatile approach to teaching runs the full spectrum of possibility, from ashtanga to vinyasa flow to gentle, restorative yoga. Ian is an accomplished practitioner of native American Spirituality and leads Sweat Lodges in the tradition of the Sacred fire of Itzachilatlan, known as the Red Road. In the last few years, Ian has been intensifying his Shamanic studies in a series of programs in the Sacred Valley of the Inka in Peru. He understands the similarities between ancient teachings of Yoga and those of the Native Americans on several continents, namely that we have the power within us to realize our highest potential, to heal and live in harmony with each other and our environment. His mission is to share the love of yoga and ancient indigenous ways: to teach, demonstrate and embody superb health, peace of mind and inspired insight.

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