Radha-Krishna Lila

Dharma Studio - Radha-Krishna Lila Radha-Krishna Lila (née Cristiane Silva) was working as a professional dancer and teacher in Brazil when she first encountered Bhakti Yoga, and felt naturally drawn to the devotional aspects of the practice. As a member of the Nós da Dança, she toured as a lead dancer throughout Japan, Korea and the USA, and eventually moved to Miami,where she worked for three different dance companies (Brazarte, Brazz Dance Theater and Dance Now Miami). In 2009 she began her yogic studies in earnest at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City, with the renowned master yogi
Sri Dharma Mittra, who certified her to teach. Radha imbues her classes with the same passion, sensitivity and creativity that fueled her disciplined career in dance. She offers her students a great example, a firm foundation, and encourages them to explore all possibilities within reach, guiding them with insightful cues to expand their awareness of asana, and the benefits of meditation and mantra. She now teaches at several locations in South Florida, and leads retreats and trainings with her partner Benjamin Smielowitz. Together they have produced three yoga, meditation and relaxation albums.

To learn more about Radha, check out lightrailyoga.com.