Shweta Onkarjeet Kaur

Dharma Studio - Shweta Onkarjeet Kaur Shweta Oza, Ph.D. (Onkarjeet Kaur) is a RYT-200 and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Born in India, she grew up following the practices of yogic living as a way of life, and aims to share her love of Kundalini Yoga, to empower her students to be self-aware, and to support them in their goals. She has furthered her transformational journey by learning and sharing the technology of the sacred sound of the gong, and Spiritual Response Therapy. She believes that when we align and work with the soul (the highest part of the self) we heal, learn and grow in the most positive, fulfilling way. She has been continuously incorporating these principles into her life and is now joyfully helping others to transform their lives in the same manner.