Rene Martin

Dharma Studio - Rene Martin Rene Martin is a 500RYT certified instructor with lineage rooted in Traditional Hatha Yoga and multi-style Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
 His transformation began during travels in northern India where he attended the world renowned Shiva Yoga Peeth Institute in Rishikesh, studying under Swamiji Sudhiranand. Rene was also certified as a Vibrational Therapist in gong and sound bowl medicine by the Light Spirit Sound Institute in Bali. His passion for yoga and healing is his life’s calling. He believes everyday is a practice: a practice to remember to be human, to practice love, practice kindness, practice being our authentic-selves, practice sharing the light, and a practice simply to be present. His classes are appropriate for all levels, and his aim is to meet you beyond the words, where love and light merge, where two become one, where fear becomes possibility, and where two souls can unite to explore the body as a reflection of the greater self.

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