PeterJ Calin

Dharma Studio - PeterJ Calin PeterJ a.k.a The Yoga Warrior is living testimony to the wondrous benefits of the practice of yoga. Over 40 years ago, he instinctively picked up a yoga book and started stretching to prevent athletic injuries. Later, he was drawn to meditation to calm his restlessness, insatiable drive and ambition. It seeded an intuition that 30 years later took him down the path of recovery, reinvention, deeper study and teaching. He credits yoga with healing his myriad physical injuries from athletic wear and tear, aging, latent dis-ease and other samskaras. He’s a life-long learner of yoga and an explorer of the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. He was certified to teach by 90-year-old June Blank of the Yoga Research Foundation of Miami, and is also certified to teach Pilates. Although he has studied the philosophy, science and art of yoga with many different teachers, it’s his ongoing independent study and practice that fuel his continuing evolution as a yogi, and as a teacher who aims to see beyond the paradigms, in search of truth (satya). For Peter, it begins with practiced awareness and then the practiced application of keen discernment (viveka khyati), awakening a transformation, especially on the mat. His teaching is guided by an intuitive awareness that informs him in knowing ways, and empowers him to help students on their own transformative journeys. Peter is an Ivy-League educated attorney and business school graduate, a former intercollegiate athlete, triathlete, Aikido and Tai Chi practitioner. All his life, he has sought to deepen his understanding, raise his awareness, and attune himself to helping people maintain their health of mind, body, heart and soul. In his classes, he graciously shares the transformational fitness, mindfulness and wellness benefits derived from the ancient wisdom of yoga, and to brighten the expanding light that shines within.

Peter also has private yoga therapy and yoga life-coaching practice for stress and anxiety relief, and for physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. He has successfully helped remediate depression, bi-polar condition, stress-induced allergies and other afflictions, obesity, sleep disorder, marital dissonance, and more.

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