Tomás Rodriguez

Dharma Studio - Tomás Rodriguez Tomás began his practice of yoga and meditation in 1991 at age 17, when he met his spiritual teacher. The impact of this meeting was so powerful that from then on, Tomás committed himself to the study of Tantric Yoga philosophy and to the practices of meditation, yoga, selfless service, mantra and contemplation. Through years of daily practice, and by living for six years in ashrams of New York and India, he deepened the inner experience, as well as his understanding of the ancient art of yoga. He started teaching yoga in 2002, and has completed hatha yoga trainings in New York, Argentina and India, and has studied the Anusara® style with John Friend, Jayendra Henley, Jordan Bloom, Susana Garcia and BJ Galvan, to name a few. He has completed more than 5 immersions (5 days of intensive training in philosophy, technique, alignment and more), totaling more than 250 hours of training, and has earned the certification of Anusara® Inspired teacher".

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