Angie Alvarado

Dharma Studio - Angie Alvarado From an early age, Angela has been attracted to all physical adventure. As a child, she loved practicing yoga because it allowed her to experiment with subtlety in movement. By the age of eight, she was hooked on the adrenaline rush from racing go-carts with her two older brothers. In Junior High, she joined the Cheerleading Dance team. In High School, she was in the Cross Country Run Club, became co-captain of the Junior Basketball team, was voted MVP of her Volleyball group, competed in Wrestling and played Water Polo. She’s remained true to this trajectory, and has pursued a career in the fields of fitness and overall well-being. Her athleticism and passion for health naturally lead her to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and she has worked closely with people facing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and other conditions, helping them to control their weight and take charge of their health. Through modifications in her diet and a consistent practice of yoga, meditation and pranayama, she conquered her allergies and other health issues, and has become an advocate for the curative powers of Yoga. Through her teacher training in NYC, she felt a deeper calling to work with people living through turmoil and illness, and today works with cancer patients at the University of Miami. As a yoga teacher, she’s known for her creative and challenging sequences, but also for emphasizing the worth of self-love, self-care and self-acceptance, to foster a connection to the heart’s calling. Her sanskrit name Urmila Devi was given to her by her guru Swami Jyotirmayananda, who established an ashram in Miami in 1969, and who remains here. For fun, Angie enjoys swimming, cycling, running, dancing, traveling and savoring traditional ethnic foods from cultures around the world.

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