Please note, the levels denoted below will give you an idea of the average challenge presented, but all classes are open to all practitioners. Keep in mind that yoga should be undertaken with patience and care. Practitioners are encouraged to rest and ask questions. Modifications for postures are often taught based on individual needs. Let the instructor know if you are new to yoga, and take the practice at your own pace.

We're committed to a varying, eclectic schedule: Experience as many different classes & teachers as you can.

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Each ashtanga class is a journey, both physically demanding and emotionally revealing, where individual postures are linked by a sequence of breath-synchronized movements (or vinyasa) which give this style of yoga its signature dance-like flow. Ashtanga consists of several distinct series, each of which contains a precise sequence of postures with a specific objective. This strenuous style is known to attract goal-oriented people, and its consistent practice helps one to develop concentration, stamina and flexibility- not just of the body, but of the mind itself. Over time, with the guidance and encouragement of a dedicated teacher, the practice of Ashtanga Yoga will lead to physical stability, clarity of mind and (ideally) lightness of heart. This guided Ashtanga-Inspired class is a rigorous challenge, taught with some creative variations on the traditional theme.

Chair Yoga/Chair Yoga Sponsored by The Woody Foundation

Accessible to anyone no matter age or physical limitation. So many people would like to experience yoga, but find that getting on and off the floor is challenging or impossible. Often it is believed that the practice of yoga is unavailable due to specific ailments or limitations. This class makes yoga accessible to everyone. Students are expertly lead through an entire routine while seated comfortably in a chair, emphasizing breath-awareness and alignment. Students will come away with a practice that can be incorporated into daily life. This class is always free.
Classes on Monday are sponsored by The Woody Foundation . Check out this beautiful video for more information.

For more information, check out The Woody Foundation.

Community Class (open level)

This class is taught in tandem by John & Debbie, fondly known as "The Fabulous Freuds" because of their love of yoga, and their consistency in community outreach. Each month, they choose a different local non-profit organization to support through the class they teach every Friday night at Dharma Studio. The class is different every time, but is Vinyasa-based, featuring a flowing energetic style, often including breathwork, meditation and relaxation. Since the proceeds from this class go directly to the charity of choice, we humbly ask for a minimum contribution of TEN bucks... your support helps to make a difference!

Dharma After Dark

This class features LIVE music. Different talented local musicians will perform a private concert in synchrony to a yoga class, creating an experience of utter magic as the energy of a yoga practice and live music mingles. Music will widely vary, along with teacher and style of yoga presented. Sometimes a solo musician, sometimes a band, sometimes a live dj. Musical offerings may include the use of voice, guitar, trumpet, flute, percussive instruments, harmonium, violin and more. Class packages may be used for this with just a $10 extra fee, or pay $25 per class.

Dharma Yoga

Dharma Yoga is based on Dharma Mittra’s traditional hatha yoga sequences, which focus on helping the student to "quiet the mind" and “go within,” integrating the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and the eight limbs of yoga in to encourage students to extend their yoga practice off the mat.

For more information, check out Dharma Mittra's site.

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Fluidus Method Yoga (Level 1-2)

The Fluidus Method is a system of transformative postural alignment practices that maximizes strength and flexibility while preparing you to move well and live well in all aspects of life. Created by renowned yoga and movement teachers Jason Lawner & Carlos Tao, the Fluidus Method yoga classes emphasize precise postural alignment and physical actions in carefully chosen poses, movements and exercises. This all-encompassing method heals, fortifies and optimizes the body, mind and heart. Expect a challenging, healing, and heart-felt practice that draws out your full potential of being while developing the tools needed to live in the world as skillfully as possible.

For more information, check out The Fluidus Method.

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Funyasa™ (Open Level)

Funyasa Yoga is a class that was developed to celebrate the joy of movement. Each class is designed as an uplifting tribute to the complete person - physical body, reactionary mind, luminous soul. As in Vinyasa Yoga, the poses are linked to the breath's rhythym, inviting joy into the practice with kinetic variations, all kinds of balancing poses, deep delicious stretches and more. Students are encouraged to make their own cathartic exploration of the body, through a sensual mélange of poses emphasizing sensation and self-awareness. Everyone finds their own light-hearted way to move intuitively, intelligently through challenging sequences, staying true to the principles of healthy alignment.

For more information, check out Funyasa.

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Gentle Stretchy Yoga (Level 1)

Gentle Stretchy Yoga is at once mild and deeply effective. This class moves through a series of gentle stretches sometimes held for up to few minutes. The poses in this class necessitate little to no strain on the muscles or the body in general. The class is designed and sequenced in such a way as to take the whole body in its full range of motion, leaving the practitioner feeling more enlivened, relaxed, free and more comfortable in their own skin. Gentle Stretchy Yoga is appropriate for students of all levels from beginners to advanced, including athletes, people in search of stress-relief, seniors and anyone nursing injuries. Individual attention is offered and props as well as modifications to the pose are given to those who would benefit as a result of individual body types and history. These classes are a nice gentle treat to the body and mind not to mention an antidote to stress.

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Family Yoga

This class is a wonderful opportunity for family bonding! The class includes yoga poses, mindfulness, breathing exercises, partner poses, nurturing relaxation techniques and lots of fun! Caregivers, grandparents and siblings of all ages are welcome! Bring your friends and family!

For more information, check out Happy Warriors Yoga.

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Hatha Yoga (all levels)

Hatha yoga classes include physical postures (asanas), fluid movements, controlled breathing and a calming of the mind through different meditation techniques. Proper alignment in asanas is a primary focus. Often classes include a spiritual component involving philosophy, mythology and symbolism. Hatha yoga teachers have been influenced by a wide spectrum of various yoga traditions. This practice not only helps one to establish a strong foundation and anatomical understanding of the physical postures, but in addition, many people report a calm feeling of composure and of greater patience with oneself and others after attending class.

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Hatha-Raja Yoga (Level 2-3)

By definition, hatha can translate as forceful, or as a compound of Ha, which means sun and Tha, which means moon. Traditionally this word implies the joining of the opposing forces of body and mind. The word Raja means royal, and symbolizes a mastery over the mind through meditation. The word yoga means to yoke, or unite. Hatha Raja Yoga combines these four ideals, using the physical to unite the mind and body. You will be guided through traditional yoga poses and sequences as well as some modern exercises concluding with a relaxation, breath-work and meditation. This class emphasizes meditation and contemplation to help you awaken towards more enlightened states of being.

For more information, check out Lightrail Yoga.

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Inner Yoga

Practicing self-love and inner work can add numerous benefits to your life. Getting in touch with your heart center allows you to listen more deeply to your true inner knowing and connect to the flow of life. In this class, we will experience the more subtle, yet powerful and transformational side of a yoga practice. Through slow movements and gentle postures, we will softly stretch the body to release any hidden stressors or blockages of energy. Once the body and mind are relaxed, we will together practice the art of Meditation. Each class will be unique and may include pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra practice, visualization, and other yoga techniques. Ultimately, this Inner practice will help you silence your mind and connect with the deep Self, reservoir of one's intuitive knowledge, lasting joy, and true peace. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required.

For more information, check out YoguiTomas.

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Move Breathe Relax

Taught by Anamargret Sanchez, this class is a joyful melange of movement, breath-work, philosophy, meditation and relaxation. Rooted in the classical yoga tradition, not only will this class strengthen, stretch and tone the body, but it is sure to be grounding for the mind as well. This class is appropriate for students with a wide array of concerns: raw beginners, seasoned practitioners, seniors and other seekers alike.

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Rockin' Roller Relief

In this unusual class, we’ll use foam rollers and other investigative tools to locate and release tension trapped in the body. We’ll alleviate tightness in the feet, calves, thighs, hips, back, ribcage, shoulders and neck with techniques that are as effective as deep-tissue massage, restoring freedom of movement and lightness of being. This class is great for everyone- from people with a rigorous regime of exercise to those with a sedentary lifestyle.

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Shamanic Vinyasa (all levels)

This class uses the physical postures of Hatha Yoga to tap into the body’s bio-energetic and nervous systems, and also uses other techniques to harness the subtler powers of human potential, like pranayama (breathing exercises), ekagrata & pratyahara (concentration practices), and sound vibrations (nada & mantra). In addition, we’ll use meditation methods like chakra alignment, visualization and mudra (hand gestures.) The use of these combined methods guides the practitioner through the mental, emotional and more subtle energetic bodies to create profound cleansing, balance, harmony and inner peace. The flowing style of Vinyasa Yoga involves dynamic, breath-guided, and creative sequencing of postures to increase strength, balance and flexibility and to expand body-awareness. Ian infuses the class with his vast training in shamanism, which involves utilizing healing chants, instruments, gemstones, plant-essences (incense, essential oils), and he shares indigenous ritual elements to help students connect with themselves, others and nature. Ian also has a lot of fun imparting stories, yoga philosophy and many little-known teachings regarding the ancient, extraordinary and mysterious parallels between traditional yoga and shamanism. Class ends with a profound relaxation (Savasana). Class is suitable for all people, regardless of age and physical condition.

For more information, check out IanDarrah.

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Slow Gentle Flow (level 1-2)

This class is taught at a slow pace, while focusing on enjoying the complimentary sensations of strength and surrender. Emphasis is placed on alignment, on therapeutic postures and deep stretches. These classes are comprised of a flowing sequence of physical poses, synchronized to the breath's rhythm. Slow Gentle Flow classes will stretch and tone the body, improve agility and balance, and draw the focus inward to calm the mind. You will leave these classes feeling restored, alert and relaxed, but not exhausted.

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Vinyasa Yoga (all levels)

Vinyasa classes present creative inspired sequences of flowing physical postures with a detail to alignment, and an emphasis on synchronizing movement and breath. This style of yoga is challenging however students are encouraged to move at their own pace and rest as often as they like. Vinyasa yoga will tone the body and improve agility. Physical poses release tension trapped in the body which in turn effect the mind. There is a shift of attention with an emphasis on listening inwardly and letting go. You will leave these classes feeling stronger, more alive, calm and relaxed.

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Yoga for Alignment (Level 1-2)

This class will guide you through various poses with close detail payed to proper alignment. Techniques to safely hold physical postures are taught through the use of walls, chairs, blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps and other props. Once supported and stabilized, the body naturally lets go of long-held tension and stress. Everyone can benefit from this class especially those with specific ailments, issues and conditions, from pregnancy to scoliosis. The result of this class is a balanced state of being, from the inside out. This style of yoga is appropriate for anyone at any age or stage of life, in any physical condition.

For more information, check out Gentle Therapeutics Yoga.

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Yoga Nidra (Level 1- 2)

Yoga Nidra is at once challenging and deeply relaxing. The entire practice is taught on the floor, exploring low-to-the-ground poses that require strength and build heat in the body without ever fully standing upright. The poses are sequenced to activate the chakras or energy centers in the body from the root to the crown. Afterwards, through guided imagery and techniques of systematic release, students may arrive at a state of suspended consciousness, of profound physical and mental relaxation. "Yoga Nidra" translates as the sleep of a yogi, described as a state of mind between wakefulness and dreaming. This class ends with a long guided relaxation which alleviates tension, anxiety and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. It's said that a half an hour of Yoga Nidra can replace three hours of sleep, and students can testify to this.

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