Dharma After Dark w/ Loree, Krista & Mantra Grooves

Saturday, March 4th, 8pm

Come experience the combination of live music, yoga, meditation and community in our monthly Dharma After Dark event. Loree & Krista will lead you through a slow, groovy flow allowing the body to move deeply through each pose while connecting to the sweet vibes and beautiful music of Mantra Grooves, with Karen Gonzalez on vocals & harmonium, Gino Coco Mir on percussion, flute & ukulele, Kamran Kahn on guitar, and Stefan on bass. You’ll get swept away by powerful mantras infused with indigenous and modern sounds. You may experience your soul dance, moments of inner reflection as well as some delicious adjustments by your loving guides.

Please stay afterwards for our organic tea bar.

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Nada Yoga with Ian Darrah

Saturday March 4th, 4-7pm


In this workshop, Ian will share sanskrit mantras and “Medicine Songs” from his experience on the Native American “Red Path” and his studies with Amazonian plant-based Shamanic Healing. The theoretical and practical aspects of Nada Yoga hold that the entire cosmos and all of creation consist of sound vibrations, called Nada, and that sound energy in motion forms the building blocks of the universe. This is an ancient metaphysical and philosophical system which is considered powerful medicine. Sound and music are considered to play an intermediary role in achieving a deeper unity with both the outer and inner cosmos. It's said that energy opens people up to experience the sacred space resonating in the body and mind, which facilitates healing of psychological and spiritual conditions. Nada Yoga helps to raise the awareness of subtle energies of the body as well.

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The Memory of Water: Meditation & Live Music

Saturday, February 25th 8-10pm

Relax and restore with celestial sound and meditation in this one-of-a-kind experience, as Sammy Figueroa combines his boundless talents with long-time friend and collaborator Rachel Faro. Sammy has long been regarded as one of the world's leading percussionists, and Rachel is an accomplished singer, songwriter, record producer, and local leader of Shambhala Meditation. In a departure from his usual hot Latin jazz, on this evening Sammy will be playing the hangpan, an instrument that combines rhythmical patterns with celestial tones, to purify the environment and bring the listener into a relaxed and spacious mood as Rachel leads us through meditation. They'll be joined by a few musical guests, to create a wonder-filled, heart-opening event, don't miss it!

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How to Cultivate a Mindful Relationship

Sunday, March 5th 3-5pm

This husband & wife team has been teaching together for over 20 years. Linda is a registered nurse who specializes in yoga, qigong and meditation for stress, mood and sleep management. Larry is a clinical psychologist and instructor of Taijiquan & Qigong who specializes in mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy.

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