Dharma After Dark

NEXT ONE: Saturday Febuary 15th 8pm

Dharma After Dark is an ongoing innovative project focused on exploring and integrating the power of yoga and music. After Dark features different local artists so that classes tend to vary widely, each with its own unique genre and vibe.

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Circular Breathing with Roberto & Andrea

Saturday February 20th, 4-6pm

Come to this workshop to be guided through breathing techniques to help you release physical & emotional tension, and enhance self-healing power. Through connected breathing & music, Roberto & Andrea will help you delve into the subconscious to connect to your deepest aspects of Self.

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Maha Sadhana: The complete, eternal practice

Saturday, February 13th 3-6pm

Jerome is a holistic nutritionist, a percussionist, and an 800-hour certified Dharma Yoga teacher from New York City, where he currently leads a master practice at the Dharma Yoga Center. Join him as he lends a modern perspective to the “complete and eternal practice,” as taught for decades by his guru Sri Dharma Mittra.

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The Secrets of Healthy & Satisfying Mindful Relationships

Saturday, March 5th 3-5pm

This husband & wife team has been teaching mindful movement practices for over 20 years. Linda is a registered nurse who specializes in the benefits of yoga, qigong and meditation for stress, mood and sleep management. Larry is a clinical psychologist and instructor of Taijiquan and Qigong who specializes in mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy.

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