Dharma After Dark


Dharma After Dark is an ongoing innovative project focused on exploring and integrating the power of yoga and music. After Dark features different local artists so that classes tend to vary widely, each with its own unique genre and vibe.
Click on the video below to get a preview of the musicians for the upcoming Dharma After Dark 9/13

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Brain Health Workshop on Mantras & Mudras

Saturday September 27th, 3-6pm

This workshop will help with improved memory, creativity and cognition, enhanced clarity, reduced risk of neurological disease, reduced stress, improved focus, and greater sense of peace and well-being. This is a a groundbreaking program for optimal brain health which combines a modern Western medical research with ancient yogic practices of meditation, chanting and mudras (symbolic finger postures), all of which calm and nurture the brain.

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Inversion Workshop

Saturday, October 25th 2:30-4:30pm .

The inverted postures of yoga are some of the most beneficial yet intimidating of all the asanas. In this workshop, you will practice postures such as headstand, forearm stand, handstand, and more. You will be guided through healthy alignment, technique and proper modifications.You will practice using the wall, or a partner, as a way to continue perfecting inversions beyond this class. Students will also learn the spiritual intention of the poses, and the workshop concludes with a Q & A session.

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Pranayama Workshop

Saturday, November 1st 4-6pm

* Learn the hidden wonders of yogic breath control
* Expand your bio-energetic force (energy body)
* Regulate your nervous system
* Transcend your limitations
* Improve stress-managemnt skills, mental balance and control

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Partner Yoga with Judy Wyatt

Saturday, September 20th, 6-8.30pm

Partner Yoga is a gentle practice that brings us into mindful relaxation, cultivating strength, flexibility and trust. As Judy leads you through playful yoga sequences, you’ll discover how moving in communion with a partner can enhance the experience. You’ll find non-verbal ways to communicate through breath and laughter, by abandoning self-imposed limitations and trusting your partner in moving from pose to pose. You’ll create complementary balance, explore your nurturing side and focus on surrendering. Bring anyone you feel comfortable with: family, friend or loved one.

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Circular Breathing & Gong Experience

Saturday, October 11th, 4:30-6:30pm

This workshop will combine two powerful mediums. Roberto will guide you in the Circular Breathing technique and this simultaneous to a Gong Meditation led by Ganesha. Gong meditation is considered one of the most curative and restorative meditations possible, due to the deep state of relaxation attained from the healing vibrations generated by a 32-inch symphonic gong.

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An Evening of HeartSourcing Yoga with Durga & Ramgiri

Saturday October 25th 7-9:30pm

Leave your stressful mind at the door and spend a memorable evening connecting with the profoundly loving and healing essence of your Heart and the voice of wisdom inside. We will tap into the essence of what is known by yogis, sages and mystics as the “Cave of the Heart,” a portal, beyond time and space, to our enlightened being.

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A Journey Through The Chakras

`Saturday January 31st 3:00-6:00pm


Find out how to use your inner force to improve from your health to your relationships and succeed in every area of your life.

Discover how to awaken your source of creativity and personal power.

Learn simple ancient techniques to manifest and achieve your goals.

Through means of physical exercises, breathing methods, visualizations and meditations, we will journey the chakras to balance our energy centers and connect body, mind and spirit.

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