Dharma After Dark

NEXT ONE: Saturday May 9th

Dharma After Dark is an ongoing innovative project focused on exploring and integrating the power of yoga and music. After Dark features different local artists so that classes tend to vary widely, each with its own unique genre and vibe.

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Pelvic Stability Workshop

Saturday, May 9th 2.15-4.15pm

The pelvis is one of the most commonly misaligned areas in the human body. Deb will help us explore methods to treat this area of the body with the respect it deserves, highlighting how pelvic stability can liberate the spine and the breath as well.

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Circular Breathing & Kundalini Music

Saturday, May 2nd 7:00-9:00PM

Join Roberto & Jessica as they lead us through conscious breathing techniques to merge the air we breathe with the divine energy within us. Roberto will guide us through an hour of Circular Breathing, a deeply connected breath that supports us in maintaining a profound sense of spiritual and physical well-being. With her guitar and harmonium, Jessica will create a combination of soulful original songs and reworked mantras inspired by the Kundalini tradition, and her voice will uplift us as we connect to the divine energy.

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Yoga & Writing

Sunday, May 24th 1:30-5:30PM

Lip Service and Dharma Studio present an Intense, but Relaxing Afternoon of Yoga and Writing with two inspiring teachers. Together, they'll guide you through a mind-body workshop, to quiet your inner critic.

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