Loving Kindness for a Modern World

Opening Reception: Wednesday Dec 2nd: 7-10pm

Recent Works by Tibetan Artist Karma Phuntsok
Raised in the refugee schools of Dharamsala, apprenticed to a Master Thanka painter, living in the Bush of Australia, internationally-respected and beloved Tibetan artist Karma Phuntsok is returning to Coconut Grove. With the violence that rocks our modern world, people are longing to reconnect to love, hope and humanity. Karma's recent works are an offshoot of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Paintings, aimed at the audience who appreciates contemporary art. By depicting Tibetan deities in his work, he hopes to demystify Buddhism for the public mind, and paints these images as an aid to enhance compassion during meditation. Karma's work is gorgeous and evocative, and tinged with nostalgia for his homeland. The themes are traditional and relevant.

We'll serve snacks and refreshments, please join us!

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Intro to The Sacred Geometry of Drawing the Buddha

Sunday December 13th: 1-5pm

When you look at the Deities depicted in Karma's drawings, whether you lend a studious eye to the canvas, or are just casually admiring his talent you will note a calming sense of balance and proportion in each figure. This is no accident, but rather a patient, deliberate and time-honored application of the principles of sacred geometry that are used in traditional Thangka Art. Come to this class and learn the basics of depicting the Buddha with Karma.

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The Tibetan and Cuban Experience of Art in Exile

Saturday December 12th, 7-10pm

An Open Discussion with Dr. Juan Martinez and Karma Phuntsok
Led by Natalie Morales

Leave your yoga mat behind, and join us for a wine & cheese reception instead! This fascinating, open discussion between art historian Dr Juan Martínez and painter Karma Phustsok will be curated by Natalie Morales. It will explore political and spiritual motifs and the motives behind their use in Tibetan Art and Cuban Art created in exile.

Join us for what is sure to be a lively discussion and a fun evening for all, as we compare (and contrast) the most salient themes in art of these disparate cultures.

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