Dharma After Dark

NEXT ONE: FRIDAY December 19th

Dharma After Dark is an ongoing innovative project focused on exploring and integrating the power of yoga and music. After Dark features different local artists so that classes tend to vary widely, each with its own unique genre and vibe.

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Childbirth Comfort Measures (For Couples)

January 10th 2015 2:30-4:30pm

In this workshop couples will learn about the natural process of labor, and techniques such as massage, breathing and relaxation that will help them cope with discomfort and fear.

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Vibrational Renewal

January 3, 2015 5:30-7:30pm

This will be a very special experience led by Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher Christy McKenzie, accompanied by the live vibes of Crystal Sonic Healing with Andrew Clark. We will gather after the holidays, at the outset of a new year, using mantra, meditation, movement and music to clear the slate of our inner and outer bodies, renew ourselves with every breath, and set ourselves to a new resonance for 2015.

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A Journey Through The Chakras

`Saturday January 31st 3:00-6:00pm


Find out how to use your inner force to improve from your health to your relationships and succeed in every area of your life.

Discover how to awaken your source of creativity and personal power.

Learn simple ancient techniques to manifest and achieve your goals.

Through means of physical exercises, breathing methods, visualizations and meditations, we will journey the chakras to balance our energy centers and connect body, mind and spirit.

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