Dharma After Dark w/ Vanessa & Mantra Grooves

Saturday, May 6th, 8pm

Come experience the combination of live music, yoga, meditation and community in our monthly Dharma After Dark event. Join us for another delightful Saturday Night in the Grove, under the stars and the spell of Mantra Grooves. This will be a night of amazing music and a delicious gentle flow practice led by Vanessa. Enjoy the beautiful music of this diverse group: Karen on vocals, Gino on the uke and percussion, Kamron on the strings and Wes on the keys... Feel the joy!

Please stay afterwards for our organic tea bar.

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Yoga Philosophy w Ian Darrah

Sunday, April 30th: 2-5pm

Dive Deeper into your yoga practice by exploring more of what yoga is all about. In this workshop, Ian will describe the four main paths of yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Raja & Jnana, and will explain why certain paths attract different personalities. He’ll cover three philosophical systems which greatly influenced yoga history - both in ancient India, and in the way yoga is understood and presented around the world today. These include the classic yoga of Patanjali, traditional Advaita Vedanta, and the contemporary expressions of Hatha yoga. He’ll draw upon Tantric Philosophy as well, putting to rest the great misconception that it’s all about sex. Rather, it’s an ancient perennial philosophy which honors the sacredness of all energies and embraces the complementary yin/yang forces which govern the universe and operate within each of us.

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